It’s a blessed start…

Our new, cotton canvas, ‘St. Honore’ (Sale!) pillow

found here.

I’ve paired it, with our old and much loved,

Bella Notte shams,

found here.

The color combination is so soothing.

And, I think it will work nicely,

with the new (Sale!)

Belgian Linen sheet set and duvet cover

I ordered here.

I’m on pins and needles

waiting for the UPS man!

(I hope I don’t tackle the poor guy!)

I’m also considering

a Bella Notte coverlet

or perhaps a throw….

Image ~ Bella Notte

Still deciding.

But cotton canvas?

I know, not your typical master bedding fabric

but it had me at ‘St. Honore.’

Rue Saint-Honore Paris,

a medieval street,

With quaint


and high fashion houses.

A street we stayed on,

while enjoying a Parisian family holiday

a few years back.

(It’s like they rolled out

the welcome mat, really?!)

How could I pass it up?


when it comes to home décor of any kind,

I’ll take sentimental, over fashionable,

every time!

But back to the master bedding makeover…

I’m working on UPdating and paring DOWN our bedding!

Yes, I want to pare it down,


We have too many bed:

Pillows, shams, squares, and bolsters.

I know, it borders on bedding blasphemy but I don’t care!

It’s too much work.

When the towering stack of pillows you unload,

on a nightly basis,

actually block the view,

it’s time to streamline!

So here are my ‘Master Bedding Makeover’ goals:

* Streamline the process

* Reinvent some of our current pieces, including our Bella Note shams.

(Still love, love these!)

* Stay with the taupe and French or Venetian Blue color scheme

* Go completely washable!

(Washable duvet cover, shams, coverlet…)

Bye-bye dry-cleaning!

So that’s my bedding makeover criteria list.

And today, I made

a small International purchase for our master.


Here’s a hint,


I’ll share soon!