You know the deal with men and their…

TVs, right?

Well, the Mr. brought home a handsome new black television.

Which is really cool but…

the problem is, it kind of took over the family room!

Our last TV had a soft pewter colored frame…

NOT this one.

To add balance, we needed a quick, mini mantel makeover!

I borrowed these wonderful, heavy, chunky,

black and off-white chess pieces from

the media/game room.

They help draw the eye to the mantle

and repeat the color.

(Besides, they were in mortal danger anyway,

from our son’s rousing

rounds of  X-box and Guitar Hero!)

Three pieces in all, of varying sizes.

I added an old book, to give more height.

Plus, I love old books on mantels.

I also pulled in these gorgeous silver and glass candleholders

we had elsewhere…

with left over white candles.

(I always change out my candles from off white to white

in the spring. Love shopping from ‘home!’)

The gleaming candleholders really

force your eye to

the mantelscape.

A muted Silver Star fish…

hints at the fun ahead, on

the water…

And a glass container, with an

informal arrangement of white tulips,

adds something organic;

softening the vignette.


‘the Mister’ & his handsome new black TV,

have some friendly competition…

The TV no longer, owns the show.

Two can play this game…


Will you be updating your mantel this Spring?

Would love to know,