Book smart art!


Book Page Chandelier   Monica Hart - La Famiglia Design   Stefanie Knowlton Photography 

Image Stefanie Knowlton Photography


I’m currently obsessed! 

I first noticed book page art  via a wildly  creative window display at Anthropologie,

featuring a multi-tiered chandelier. I had  to give it a try!  {LOVE}


 Book Page Art - Monica Hart   La Famiglia Design   Image - Stefanie Knowlton Photography

Stefanie Knowlton Photography


Who knew, the pages of a dark & dreamy  coming of age romance novel would make such a

beautiful  piece of mid century inspired art!

 In a corner off of our kitchen, the ‘forbidden’ love story  of Edward & Bella dangles from a 

gold string. Twilight…in the round, dripping with crystal!


Book Page Chandelier - Monica Hart  La Famiglia Design


  Yes, I am unapologetically a ‘TwiMom’.  Okay, It hurt my heart just a little

to tear off the cover…however I think the result is stunning.

I’ll be back with the DIY soon but I just couldn’t wait to share this.


Book Page Chandelier - Monica Hart   La Famiglia Design


 AND more exciting news to share if you are local…

I’ve been invited to put on a Book Page Chandelier DIY Craft Night at the NEW HC Home  in Snohomish!

Yes, Cindy Sullivan of Haley’s Cottage is opening up another gorgeous NEW store! I’m so excited!

Stay tuned for the details, hope you can join us! Thank you Cindy!

Oh…I’ve found another  cool way to display these! Show ya soon.