Freezing  temperatures and my propensity

for forcing bulbs, indoors & out…led me to this!

The garden cuff...

burlap garden cuff.

I picked up some small burlap bags at my local

feed store.  They are only a buck or so, a bag and 

the perfect  size for this little garden project.

Small pots of hyacinth, topped with fresh moss are

nestled inside. This urn is under cover, mostly,

and sits on a hammered copper table by

our front door. I also planted a

few white hyacinths in our

white galvanized pots, which rest right up  against the house.

These are sans  burlap bags and so far, so good.

But at night, with the freezing temperatures…

I  worry about these little guys.

So now, I simply roll up and cinch the cuff closed to

protect the tender bulbs from the frost. 

So far…the burlap garden cuff is doing the job.

Have a beautiful Monday,