Spring Garden Vignette



‘Fraises’ to the French,

delicious bits of Spring.

The mouthwatering morsels are sprouting up in our home.

The latest sighting ~ Alpine Strawberry plants,

dressed in our burlap & Chalk bags.

Do you plant Alpines?

If not, you must!

I cheated,

these ruby red strawberries are

the supermarket variety.

They’re alright, but nothing compared to

the sweet Alpines.

They are tiny by comparison but so succulent!

Fresh jam from these…

Image Via

heaven in a jar!

I haven’t seen Alpine berries in the market.

Have you?

(Please let me know if you have!)

It seems, you have to plant & harvest these beauties yourself

but it’s well worth it!

For now,

the ‘Fraises’ are biding their time indoors,

until the weather warms a bit.

In the meantime,

I’ll enjoy the company.

By the way, we’ve edged out the form of our

new raised garden bed.

I’ve picked up a few new cloches…

& I’m pondering lighting.

I might need your help!