Burlap + Velvet + Bling = Yummy!

I envisioned something rustically

elegant, l-o-n-g and feminine…with a

‘ballet slipper’ en pointe. Of course there would be…


of course there would be…


The sister act, Monica & Linda teamed up to

create this Burlap & Velvet

Christmas stocking by

La Famiglia Design ~

Didn’t my sister,

Linda Sacco, do a beautiful job!


It’s long & lean, with a

velvet cuff. The cuff, is lined with organic

flour sack material, the stripe, of the

burlap grain sack backing,


I thought these brooch-like jewels, added just enough

sparkle. Oh and shhhh…

there is a hidden

pocket, for sweet notes and


(Want to make sure ‘the

big guy’ gets in!)

‘The stocking was hung’… on our

front door, ‘with care’ and

filled with:

fragrant fresh greens, clipped from

our garden.

I added aromatic rosemary, cedar, boxwood,

fir…the dusty gray foliage of French Lavender and an

 olive branch…to symbolize the

promise of peace and goodwill during the

holiday season.

I think it makes for a warm welcome.

We really hope

you like them.

The stockings, will be available soon at:

Haley’s Cottage, Kirkland. 

Thank you Cindy!

And thank you for

helping me organize the first ‘Le Petite Pie’

baking night at my house! So excited!

And thank you too, to my talented sister &

sewist Linda, love you!

La Famiglia, ‘The Family’


More merry holiday goodness to come…