#Easter Place Card ~ Monica Hart

Love this charming  Easter  idea so much and it’s such a simple way to

dress up your Easter table. It’s a sweet combo of earth &

glam. It’s just a vintage eggcup + gold charm + real egg + garden herbs!


Easter place setting idea ~ Monica Hart


I have a box of lucky charms I’ve collected over the years. Might

as well put them to use right?

The glam  gold bee just reminded me of spring.

The possibilities are endless though…


Easter place setting idea ~ Monica Hart


For a touch of earth I add a few sprigs of

 fresh  thyme, oregano and rosemary from our kitchen garden. Fresh

flowers would be cool too and I can just see a happy collection of

these on the Easter table.





I rummaged through our Scrabble game box for an Easter ‘E’.

I don’t think we’ll miss it besides this is

eggs – actly’  the easy Easter table inspiration I was looking for,