It’s harvest time in our little apple orchard .  Dozens of crisp apples from our columnar and

espalier apple trees, ready to be picked, peeled and sliced for apple crisps, tarts…

and perhaps a caramel apple or two. {LOVE}


Fall Harvest Welcome * Monica Hart


An inviting tray of the red, gold and green apples rests on our entry table at the front door…


Fall Harvest  welcome * Monica Hart


making for a classic & tasty fall  welcome.  I love the fresh & earthy look of the warm modern  wood tray

against the worn hammered copper table, brimming with the seasonally inspired apples.

Some of the leaves are still clinging to the stems. They’re not perfect like the polished and waxed 

varieties you find in you local market but they ARE home-grown and I like them…

imperfections and all.


Fall Harvest Welcome * Monica Hart


I teamed the tray with our old, crumbling white urn filled with earthy notes of

ferns, pods and winter kale.





the glamour girl  in me, couldn’t resist adding just a touch  of gold.

So, I tucked in a few of those lovely real

squash, I dressed up with milky white chalk paint and streaks of gold leaf.


Fall harvest welcome * Monica Hart



Fall harvest welcome * Monica Hart


I’m liking the ‘Cinderella’  fall harvest vibe!