Act I

Halloween is ‘theater’ to

me. In fact, I’ll take a little

dramatic Halloween décor…over

gore…any day.

And this year, I’m raising the curtain on

‘The Raven.’  I’ve mentioned this

before…Poe’s, ‘The Raven,’ has been a

sentimental literary favorite, ever since our son;

memorized a good chunk of the

poem for a school project, back in his

pre-teen years. (Could he have picked a

longer, Poem? Seriously.)

 So, I thought our family room Halloween

mantel, might give him

pleasant pause…because it has

‘The Raven,’ written all over it. And

I was right.

Books & bones,

feathers, cages, gnarled


and the dark bird,

 tell the story of

lost love.

I hope you find it a little spooky,

in a

handsome sort of way.

 BTW, I caught

‘the kid,’ eyeing the,

oh so familiar verses…

we exchanged

quick but knowing, smiles.

 And now, a little dramatic

mantle decor has given us both…

reason for pleasant