DIY Salad Bar ~ Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


It doesn’t get any fresher  than this! Let’s dish

on my divine DIY portable salad bar!

 For now…this little garden beauty is parked right outside our kitchen door and it’s loaded with

several tender varieties of lettuce…ALL at my fingertips! Because it’s lightweight, you can easily

pick it up and move it, table side, at you next garden gathering. Invite your guest to snip their

favorite variety of lettuce. 


DIY portable Salad Bar - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


A portable salad bar like this makes it so  simple to pull together a quick & delicious  garden bite, from

the freshest mouthwatering salad to my scrambled eggs with arugula crostini.

Just snip, rinse, toss and serve!


DIY Salad Bar - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design

Our salad bar rests on a small garden table making it

the perfect height for gardening. It’s a petite raised garden bed!


If you are handy, you can pull this off yourself. Our fab finisher

Wayne built this ‘bar’ complete with 

stylish ball finials, I picked up at our local hardware store.




Here’s the easy how to:

*  Cut 2 x 4’s to size. Our salad bar measures 2′ x 3′

* Secure the frame together with  screws

* Layer in window screen to hold in the dirt and attach the screen material with a

   staple gun.

* Add a layer of lighweight landscaping fabric, so the dirt stays

   put, when you want to move the portable salad bar

* Fill with rich potting soil and plant!


DIY Salad Bar - Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


Step up to the bar  and make yourself a salad, kids!