All photos ~ Rodrigo DeMedeiros

Fresh apple cider sips, quench the fall thirst, especially when shaken with a

little tequila & lime! It’s my must try, FALL Margarita ~

All you need is a light dusting of cinnamon sugar for the rim and a star anise

pod (with that hint of licorice), and you have yourself one delicious taste of fall.

Speaking of delicious this mushroom risotto recipe is a keeper! Topped with

fresh parm and a drizzle of truffle oil, SO good!

Find the recipes online now, in my September 425 Magazine Invite.

Fall is perhaps my favorite season. September, is the golden hour  of the calender. 

So many, cool farm-to-table family memories,

like how we would pile into the family Buick and

road trip to the pepper fields in Yakima, Washington.

Once back home, grandma, Nettie would roast

up the peppers, to be used in dishes, all fall and winter long. 

Fall is also the time for super casual entertaining.

Love dining IN the kitchen, I mean deep  kitchen, and serving up

a rustic bistro-style meal,

straight from the stove-top.


Join us in the pages of 425 Magazine and cheers to FALL y’all!