Say so long, to summer…with an easy, YUMMY, Labor Day picinic!

Grab an inflatable buffet bar…and pack it with picnic essentials,

like: a cute picnic basket, ice bucket and fresh blooms!



 Tuck utentils and salt & pepper packets into fun paper napkins and then 

create simple but delicious fresh dishes that will stand-up to –

the late summer heat, like a simple but beautiful, heirloom tomato salad.

I like to tuck in a few fresh basil leaves and add a hint of chopped jalapeño

plus a sprinkling of lemon zest and a drizzle of pesto  –  (See below)



Next, create colorful salad jars, by layering in:

roasted red peppers, pearl couscous,



pickled cabbage and red onion, arugula

and a dollop of homemade basil, parsley pesto and voila!




To make the pesto ~

Add a nice handful each of:

fresh basil leaves, Italian parsley, and toasted hazelnuts – to the bowl of a food processor

. Throw in the zest of one small lemon, a sprinkling of nutmeg, a clove of garlic and a teaspoon each, of salt and pepper.

With the machine running, add extra virgin olive oil, until the mixture forms a paste – And done!



For dessert, make a quick, sheet-pan mixed berry pie,

topped with pie-crust stars!

(Find the recipe on my Instagram @monicahart1)

Wash it all down….


Photo – Rodrigo DeMedeirson, 425 Magazine

with a gorgeous, butterfly pea blossom – Gin & Tonic,

made from Empress Gin!

Find the recipe in my August Invite for 425 Magazine!


 Photo – Rodrigo De Mederious, 425 Magazine

Cheers…to savoring these last days of summer!