I’m itching  to get back into the 

garden. You?  And while it’s not time

to plant  is IS time to plan  your

summer garden! The Northwest Flower &

Garden show comes to Seattle in a few weeks!

I’ll be bringing you a series of

blog posts from the show! So excited!

With that in mind,

 I ventured out, in the Seattle rain,

to tidy up  our little raised  garden

bed. It is weathering

nicely and to my

delight,  I discovered our Italian

oregano is surviving the winter cold.

I also dug up a sweet bunch of forgotten,

rainbow carrots, Tuscan kale &

golden beets. The latter, no bigger than

small radishes, really…

dirt, still clinging  to the

roots! I promptly roasted them in a little olive oil,

champagne vinegar and chopped fresh 

rosemary, also from our garden.  A nice

and unexpected,

mid afternoon snack! Just a taste  of what’s  to

come this summer! ‘J‘ for


Can’t wait!

 Boots damp, a little dirt under

my nails,  I’m a happy

garden girl,