Rodrigo DeMedeiros Photos – 425 MAGAZINE

Warm wool plaid throw table coverings, stacked pumpkins in glass containers,

mason jar florals and golden galettes…Welcome to our house ~ for a casual but

beautiful Thanksgiving  gathering in the pages of 425 Magazine.





There is still time, to create a simple fall wreath in minutes with garden magnolia leaves,

and greet guests with my mouthwatering blood orange and caramel Moscow Mules. YUM!

Think about giving your gathering a cozy, “in the study” vibe with a

mix of metals and vintage leather books.


Rodrigo DeMedeiros Photos – 425 Magazine

Find the easy how-to, online NOW @ 425 Magazine, complete with

simple floral instructions and recipes for the:

delicious sips, Roasted Turkey and Root Vegetable Galettes, 

Roasted Fennel, Baked Sweet Potato Stack, Pumpkin and Ginger Beer Cakes and MORE!

Thank you 425 Magazine and Rodrigo! I AM truly grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!