Cinnamon Cappuccino - Monica Hart


Cinnamon  is to Christmas…what pumpkin pie  spice is to


Glam holiday brew - Cinnamon Cappuccino - La Famiglia Design


Thanksgiving, at least in my mind. I’m nuts  about cinnamon…love the warmth

especially during the holidays. Plus, some claim a pinch of cinnamon daily may actually be good for you.

So why not  spice up your daily grind AT HOME and dress up  that cup of cafe for the holidays!

Couldn’t be simpler thanks to my Go-Getter’s Guide  to: a glam holiday brew ~ Cinnamon Cappuccino.  YUM!

Check out this shiny gold mug! Seriously glam, right?


Cinnamon Cappuccino - Monica Hart



 Cinnamon Cappuccinon - Monica Hart



I picked it up at Starbucks for under $10! {LOVE! It would make a great stocking stuffer, non?}

Now for the cinnamon cappuccino.

~   ~   ~ 

Here’s the quick and delicious how-to! First, simmer up an easy batch of

cinnamon simple syrup:


Cinnamon Simple Syrup - La Famiglia Design



1 cup sugar to 1 cup H20 – on the stove top and toss in two

cinnamon sticks. Let the trio bubble away on the stove top for a few until the sugar is dissolved.


Cinnamon Simple Syrup - Monica Hart


Then cool and refrigerate to be used all week!

Next, the cinnamon steamed milk.


 Cinnamon steamed milk - Monica Hart


It’s just whole milk and freshly grated cinnamon tossed into my milk steamer. You can also do this

on the stovetop with a small pan, whisk and a little old-school muscle.  

Now brew up some good cafe, add a generous splash of cinnamon simple syrup

and spoon the fluffy, frothy cloud of white in the pretty cup with a sprinkle of 

additional cinnamon.


 cinnamon cappuccino - Monica Hart


Don’t forget the cinnamon stir stick!

This coffee is crazy fragrant and the warmth, well…


Cinnamon Cappuccino - Monica Hart


the result is pure holiday gold. Go ahead, 

treat yourself!