Currently crushing on gold leaf.



I’m always looking for simple, inexpensive centerpiece ideas that I can pull together for last minute entertaining.

Lately I’ve been seeing gobs of gold leafing  going on.  Inspired, I tried to recreate  the look!

I started this project by recycling  some old terracotta pots. First I gave them a pretty coat of paint with

gold and white pearl metallic paint.




Next came the gold leaf.  It’s a very delicate material and a bit tricky to work with.

It comes in tear-off sheets. Handle with care because it disintegrates easily.




Other than that, it’s a snap! Just grab some glue, dab it on and carefully press bits of  gold leaf onto your pots.

 Once in place, hit it with moisture resistant clear acrylic coating to seal the deal.




Love the look. It’s understated glamour,  with just enough glitz and the

succulents give the table an exotic vibe.




Now, I just have to figure out what to make for