The perfect picnic basket!


Image via Pottery Barn

It’s picnic time! Outdoor concerts season is just days away and boating season has already

set sail, so I’m searching for the perfect picnic tote.   Loving this one from Pottery Barn.

Also eyeing this versatile lidded number from West Elm



Image via West Elm

and this handsome  version with plaid picnic blanket included from

World Market.


Image via World Market

But in the end, I’m drawn to a more personal  picnic tote, for one.



Here is my very budget friendly  version. It’s a heavy duty cardboard box from

one of my favorite craft stores, Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames.

 (Inspiration Sweet Paul) I recycled  cardboard 

box partitions from a case of wine and filled the compartments with yummy picnic 

pleasures like my roasted rosemary cashews.




And with this, I’m picnic ready…are you?