Halloween Decor with Monica Hart on KING5 Seattle #K5Fall


Loved creating this eerie but elegant corner at KING 5 Seattle!

Got to hang out with the lovely Amanda Grace &

company and talk easy Halloween decor & costumes for a fun

LIVE #K5Fall segment!

Here’s a look at some of the simple Halloween decor ideas we shared:

Create a creepy table-top vignette that tells a story like the Raven,


Halloween Decor - Monica Hart on KING5 Seattle


easy floral arrangements with wings & things,


Halloween decor - Monica Hart

Halloween Decor - Monica Hart


and eerie Halloween lighting.


Halloween Decor - Monica Hart on KING5 Seattle



What I like about this, is that you can create these looks with your everyday

pieces and then just add a hint of spookiness.


I’m talking containers dripping

with Spanish moss, rice lights glowing through inexpensive craft store 

hands & skulls, no- carve pumpkins that are coated with chalk paint, gilded with 

gold leaf paper and decked out with push pins.


Halloween decor - Monica Hart


Yep, I LOVE Halloween, from the decor to the costumes!


Halloween decor with Monica Hart on KING5 Seattle


Take a look at our easy Halloween costume ideas: 

the man of steel’s alter ego

Clark Kent, Halloween favorite Charlie Brown  and

the quirky insurance lady – Flo.

Yes, go with the Flo! 

 You can pretty much pull from your

closet for these!

Halloween costume ideas with Monica Hart on KING 5 Seattle


Here is the LINK to our KING 5 Seattle last minute

Halloween Costume segment!

Thank you KING 5!

AND thank you to my Halloween helpers: Ron Sacco, Linda Sacco &

Irene Bernard! #Squad