Wings and Things

I wanted to create a simple, clean,

Halloween ‘mantelscape’ in our

Kitchen. And do it, in shades of

gray and pale white.

I thought a felt garland would be nice

but not just any felt…

I found this gorgeous, variegated

wool felt, in a gunmetal gray, at one of my

fave craft stores.

Look at how lusciously

thick it is.

Said, fave craft store, also had just the die-cut I was

looking for, in this tiny winged creature. And YES,

the die-cuts work on the

THICK felt. So fun. I also picked up some

clear stretch elastic cord and got


With a little ‘hand sewing’ (very little)…I created

this cool, batty


I strung the petite bats from a pair of

white ceramic vases I already had

and topped them with gray gourds.

I love how the tiny bats, wing their way across the

mantel medallion…

in a blur.

‘Hung the moon,’ for a little glitter and


Thought the mantle needed candlelight but

The faux votives, were too yellow for

my taste.

Like the songs says…

Nothing like the ‘real thing’ baby.

Fly bats fly.

Halloween comes…

on w-i-n-g-s.


Felt and die cuts available at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames

Gray gourds  ~ Ravenna Gardens