Haunting Light

I put a ‘chill’…

on our Halloween

Parlor Party lighting this season and I did it on

the cheap…with

Wax & Wings.

First, I nearly ransacked the house, looking for

pale white candles. I found them, in

various stages of burn. P-e-r-f-e-c-t! Next, came roughly

torn strips of linen remnants, gray velvet ribbon and


I ‘dressed’… a few of the

pale candles and left others

plain. And then one by one,


hung them from our


Ornamental use only, of course!

* * *

Then, came the Parchment

Wings. (Kids will love this part!)

I borrowed a little unbleached

parchment baking paper from

the kitchen, folded it over and

traced around this…

batty image from

The Graphics Fairy.

I stuffed the winged

creatures with a little ‘glitz,’

(I always add a little glitz)

glued them together

and added ‘stitched’ burlap patches.

The hanging bats, lend that pieced together,

‘Frankestein’ feel, to the mix.

Now, there are two tiers of

haunting beauty,

dangling above our table.

Gotta say, it’s a little creepy…

but still pretty, in an

unnatural’ kind of way.

I’m liking the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ flair

and the Halloween theater of

it all. You?