Parchment Bags ~

Have you seen these?

They are culinary parchment

cooking bags from

Paper Chef.

 Now, I love  cooking in parchment…and 

create my own  little pouches.

But I thought these…would make

perfectly frightful Halloween lights on the cheap!!

They are tall…at 14.5 inches, sickeningly pale, ghostly 

transparent and inexpensive…10, for under three bucks at

my local supermarket…QFC, if you live nearby.

Anywho, I added transfer images from my

local crafts store ,

and  tea-lights,

in tall, fluted, old fashioned

ice cream float glasses.

The combo creates a rather haunting Halloween  glow, doesn’t it?

Love the eerie  effect of the fluting!

Who knew?

Okay, to make this bag stand up, fold it along the length, without  making

a crease and clip the bottom corners.  That way the angles will match.

The deeper the angle the wider the base. 

I can’t wait to line our garden stairs with these

parchment lights,  come Halloween!

You might want to use those faux tea lights…just to be safe.

More Halloween  inspiration on the cheap to come,