Shamrock Smoothie via Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


Okay, I’ll admit to having a few shamrock shakes  in my day! If you want to go

‘green’  this St. Patrick’s Day ~ here’s a healthy alternative with my Shamrock Smoothie!


Shamrock Smoothie via Monica Hart La Famigilia Design


It’s just:

1 cup low fat Greek yogurt

1/2 a cup coconut water

A few sprigs of fresh mint

A small handful of baby kale {YES Kale! The kids will NEVER know}

1 Tablespoon of mint simple syrup {More if ya like it sweet!!}

Simple Syrup: 1 cup sugar to 1 cup h20, add a handful of fresh mint, simmer, strain, chill


Whizzzzz it all up in a blender and pour into cute cups!

It’s about 70 tasty, healthy  calories per serving, if that!

Go green this St. Patrick’s Day!

Whizz up a shamrock smoothie!