Le Biscuit Exchange

‘Game on’

After a lengthy hiatus, the 

Holiday Cookie Exchange is back.

And let me tell ‘ya,

This is no ordinary Holiday

cookie party. Though, this time around, I

did simplify things a bit

And I’ve gotta say, you girls rocked it!



Not saying, that we are

competitive or anything!

 This year’s theme, yes,

theme, is…(stop already, with the eye-rolling)

Image via “Marie Antoinette”

“Marie Antoinette” via

Sofia Coppola…

love, love that movie. So

cinematically sumptuous and of course,


 With the movie as our inspiration, the

color palette, had to be

pretty, pastels.

Each team, baked

4-dozen cookies, some to taste,

some to share AND used their imagination

to transform this


most ordinary white box into

something royally

extraordinaryThe ladies,

outdid themselves.

Just look at the beautiful hobnail

glass pedestal creation in a

tiara box.

There was even a most royal,

glittering, cookie carriage that

Marie herself,

might have ‘boxed out’ for.

Add to that, a team, with a first and second act,

befitting any Shakespearean play and well…

maybe I should just,

raise the curtain.

Team Carol, Julie and Stefanie on the left,

went for gorgeous tiers of


tulle, tiaras,

bejeweled slippers and

melt in your mouth,

pastel, French meringue cookies.


Team Janice and Monica,

on the right, meanwhile,

envisioned (long distance via text!)

a feminine,

tufted & jeweled,

 pastel cookie carriage,

(a stunning Janice creation. There are no words…)

carrying shabby chic madeleines (me),

edged in pretty pastel colored sugar.

Oh my!

But what was up, with

team Dana and Christy’s display,

in the middle? It was suspiciously

hidden, beneath a holiday cloth…mind you,

these were the same two,

clever characters, who jokingly

PICKETED my last cookie exchange, eight

years ago…because we had to make

11 dozen cookies…

EACH! (Can you BLAME them?)

Oh what drama queens!

We all waited breathlessly,

for the unveiling.

No way!


A good natured jab, at team

Janice and Monica,  for

having the tendency to take things,

a little, over the top.

TOO funny! But the

joke was on us…because they


created a sumptuous tiered,

cookie container filled


glittering, French almond

bon bons.

 Beautiful, delicious &


these two.

We spent a long holiday


admiring our

oh so lovely & yummy creations,

wearing, our silly


take away bracelets.

Folly to some, perhaps.

But there is little foolishness,

in deep friendship,

and being warmed by the holiday candles glow.

We laughed, sipped and

nibbled on various

goodies, with our

“Marie Antoinette”

fireplace mantel, as the


Fading away, were the thoughts of

my ears BURNING, the

evening before, as the

‘ladies in waiting’ scrambled to finish up their

cookie creations.

Blessed am I, to have



friends and


willing to humor me and

take on a little royal

Holiday Cookie Exchange


They even left behind…

a glass slipper.

 Last act ~

‘Let them eat


Love you guys,