Up on the house top…

There are




as one of my favorite Holiday Helpers,

begins stringing our Christmas  lights.

Oh how I love  the holiday lights!

Thank you Robert and be careful up there!!

Back inside , I have started some stringing of my own.

The festive holiday garlands  are going up.

Among them, this creamy white  felt  beauty… 

with just a touch of holiday shimmer

and  something a bit more natural  for the entry,

pine cone & twine.

Our felt holiday lamb  is back for another season

and I have plans for him!

Plus, I have something very sentimental  planned for below.

Can’t wait to show you!

The fresh garlands, wreaths and swags will go up

last. The weather is changing and as if on cue

a flock of white feathered friends  appear…

Swan Lake? It is a winter classic.

And speaking of friends…

a heartfelt  thank you to my friend

the beautiful & tres talented Melaine, from

My Sweet Savannah,

for the kind & generous 425 mention!!!  

* * *

I hear our teenage son and his friends stirring,

time to make homemade waffles and then

it’s off to find more  paperwhites.

Have a great day,