Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


 I wasn’t planning on posting today but the dash of glam I added to my workspace changed that!

It’s amazing what happens to the creative mind when you prettify  a small corner.

I needed a little added inspiration for ALL of the fun projects I’m working on.

I found it in an instant. All it took was a few pretty pieces pulled together on a vintage Italian tray and

presto – the ideas started to flow! I went for gold & glam. {BIG surprise :)}


Monica Hart La Famiglia Design


* A gold & glass tray 

 * A pretty glassybaby & Chanel matchbox combo {Thank you Janice!}

 * The last roses of summer from our garden in a vintage champagne glass edged in gold

* And Kate ~ as in  my gold polka dot Kate Spade notebook

 It’s crazy what an impact a little pretty & glam can have! 

What kind of instant inspiration can you  pull together?