“I see we now have an old bedside table

from a school nurse’s office…”

That was the Mister’s comment about our

new/old, Master bath cart.

Did he even notice the double decker feature,

practically begging for cool

bath accoutrements?

Or the rusted & chipped paint,

and that it plays right into my current

obsession with casters?

Not so much.

But that’s okay because I DID!

A little shopping from home,

yielded a cool candlestick holder & towels,

and a simple vase.

A few more organic touches…

Love the snowdrops,

in a paper baking cup.

(Wouldn’t the cups make darling,

inexpensive, Easter takeaways, planted with spring flowers?

So cute at each place setting,

if you’re planning a sit down affair!)

And with that, our new/old bath table is complete…

for now.

Old nurse’s table?




Cart ~ Ravenna Gardens