‘You scream, I scream ,

we all scream for…’

There is something comforting,

about an ice cream maker

humming away on the counter…

So ‘old school’ you know?

And modern day ice cream churners,

make the process of old time,

homespun, ice cream goodness, so easy!

Mix up a little heavy cream

& milk,




In 25 minutes,

you have pillows of fluffy…


cold, creamy, confection!

No preservatives, additives…the real deal!

The kids will love it!

So why wait for summer?

Here’s a very basic recipe.

I like to use superfine baker’s sugar,

good vanilla & vanilla bean.

Love, the delicious fragrance & dark flecks in the ice cream!

Here you go:

2 cups heavy cream

2 cups whole milk

¾ cup superfine sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

One vanilla Bean ~ scraped.

Whisk it all together until the sugar dissolves.

Fire up the ice cream maker and….


I leave my ice cream maker bowl in the freezer,

so it’s always good to go!

Scoop the ice cream into containers.

(Adore, these old time, fluted glass, containers

from Sur La Table!)

Now, usually,

I let it firm up for a bit in the freezer but

I simply couldn’t wait…


Of course, the variations are endless.

I have a wonderful sorbet churning away …

I’ll share that recipe soon.

Can’t wait to show

you the decorative,

edible dish, I’m serving it in.

It’s perfect for a spring or summer party.

Easter perhaps,