L  o  n  g  Holiday Weekends are made for

staycations  and quick but rewarding garden projects! Are you getting

your hands dirty in the garden this weekend? Here’s what I’ve been up to.


Project #1

Boxwood Beauties


I added a pair of BIG beautiful round Boxwoods  to our white gravel courtyard.

I planted the box, in worn, recycled wood containers, that our Italian Cypress came in, a few

years back. The pots flank the bluestone wall fountain. For now, the box is softened with

plantings of white lavender and

purple verbena. ( Once the lavender has spent its blooms, I’ll replant. After three seasons…it’s

getting too leggy. ) 

Project #2

Roses are White

Next, I planted a hedge of Rosa, White Knock Out rose plants. They are non-stop

bloomers and I’m so excited to enjoy the pretty blooms & light fragrance all summer long!


Project #3

YES! More boxwood. I’m rethinking…these demilune, handmade terra cotta pots from Italy.

{LOVE the containers, I’ve had them for years and have replanted them over and over.}

I like layering and repeating patterns in the garden. The look is so classic and clean.

So, I picked up a pair of smaller boxwood

plants for these pots, to create a repeat of the giant ball boxwood finials in the background on

our lakeside hedge. I’ll need to shape and train them a bit, but that’s easy peasy.



Anywho, I’m off to the garden store now, to find something fun to dance on the rim…





Voila! Hope you enjoyed your Holiday Weekend!