Nautical Bar

Just got off the air…#LiveOnKOMO Newsradio, talking anchors away, with the replay at 10:17,

Seattle time on KOMO Newsradio!

With Seafair, Seattle’s annual summer festival, coming up… 

it’s the perfect time to sport a little nautical  entertaining vibe! Think: classic blue & white with

touches of red, silver & gold!   AND you don’t have to reinvent  the ship’s wheel, to give your entertaining efforts a

little nautical spin! Work with what you have!

With that in mind, I pulled together a simple, Nautical inspired bar.




 It  all starts with bubbles  & a white linen, draped tray.

 My dear Southern Californina friend Jeanne Curtis,  tipped me off about

Chandon  champagne’s fun summer celebration bottle! {Love} The bottle alone, sets the nautical tone!




Next ,I added those vintage gold rimmed champagne glasses I picked up at a tag sale, using some

of them for the bubbles and some of them for simple yet swanky finger food.




Prawns, the perfect nautical fare! Especially, draped over vintage champagne glasses

and paired with two, simple yet delicious dips! One is

hot and spicy…the other is cool and herby!




For the hot & spicy version, try ready-made cocktail sauce, dressed up with chopped jalapenos, 

lime juice and zest! Add cilantro too! So simple!




For the cool take , try my greek yogurt and fresh tarragon dip…with tarragon just plucked from your kitchen garden.

Add fresh lemon juice, zest, a splash of pernod and salt & pepper…and done!




Spoon the dips right into the glasses,

add some nautical inspired Ale, red & white straws and flowers,

vintage sheet music….




and you’ve created an easy nautical vibe…in no time!