We have a few exciting home & garden projects underway!

The first involves a new cabinet in our butler’s pantry.

I’ll get to that, in another post, soon!

The second project is a raised garden bed in our front lawn.

I’m enamored with raised garden beds.

Are you?

We dabbled in the idea last spring;

when we built this little portable potager.

Loved having a salad and herb bar at my fingertips.

Now, plans are underway to create something a little larger;

a little more permanent.

Here is the space we’re looking at.

A blank slate really, along our hedge topped cement wall.

This space was once filled with espaliers…

but we live on a lake

and an otter or beaver made off with them!

(There is one ‘uptown’ beaver dam on the lake somewhere!)

We have since, installed a motion light!


So, we have about 12 feet of length to work with here,

and four feet or so of depth.

Just a rake length, is all we need.

The ground will have to leveled some.

Maybe we will haul in nice gravel.

As for the raised garden bed;

I’ve been doing some homework.

Image via

This raised bed is nice.

Image via

So are these,

Image via

And these.

But I think,

I would like, a little more detail in our garden bed.

A gentle arch perhaps, (love arches)

a finial or two,

an organic backdrop,

inspired lighting,

and irrigation.

I’ve drawn a rough sketch.

Will run it all by our finisher and landscapers this week.

For now,

I’m dreaming of lettuce peeking out of cloches,

and beans rambling up obelisks.

I’ll keep you posted.

Are you thinking about creating raised garden beds?

Would love to hear about it?