Jello molds

When I found these,

in one of my favorite local haunts;

I had a hankering for this

old school dessert.

Jello, in old-fashioned decorative molds.

The tag said ‘old.’  So I don’t think they ‘re quite vintage, but no matter.

I couldn’t help imagining how lovely the brightly colored dessert

would look prepared in these fancy individual portions.

Oh and how darling they might be at a child’s birthday; set

out on all kinds of petite pedestals!

So, I made up a quick box.

The Raspberry red really is quite stunning in

the ornate mold.

After the prerequisite several hours

I dipped the bottom of the mold in warm water for a few seconds,

and carefully turned the Jello ‘jewel’ out  ~ on a very tiny footed stand.

How cute!

Can’t you just see

a rainbow of colors, grape, lemon, lime and cherry, marching down

the birthday table?

Or layer the different flavors in.

Oh my, how festive. Forget the cake,

I think the kids would be thrilled with this.

And how thrifty, pleasing the parents as well.

Off to find more molds…