La Storia ~

Love a good read?

I know I do.

Love everything, from novels to cookbooks to magazines.

A few minutes; lost in the pages,

sipping a frothy cappuccino…

well, that does it for me!

Thought it would be cool to carve out a cozy reading corner.

A literary hideaway, if you will.

My Inspiration;

college days, spent studying at the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library.

Suzzallo; a gorgeous Gothic and soulful work of architecture,

boasting sweeping staircases

and a ‘great hall’

that would rival ‘Hogwarts.’

But somehow, I preferred, to curl up in the cozy little nooks

among the stacks. Go figure.

Motivated by a memory; I wanted to carve out a little

reading haven in our home.

The tall bookcase behind our stairs,

seemed just the right place.

I have a thing… for rolling ladders.


The Pieces ~

Borrowing from what we have,

I pulled in, a little leather stool with white stitching, for seating.

I found a smaller checked stool, for foot propping.

And a simple down pillow will add comfort.

I think I’ll lean a splash of artwork to add interest.

Perhaps this old stone urn, topped with books will make a nice side table.

And I love this idea.

I picked up a couple of yards of cool upholstery fabric

to use as a soft, inexpensive rug, underfoot.

Why not?

(You can buy rug grippers and cut them to fit.)

I think I’ll hang this beaded light bulb cover with a faux votive for ambiance.

And, to add a soulful layer,

I think I’ll tuck in something personal;

a worn photo, of a little girl fast asleep in her daddy’s lap.

(Love my white Stride Rite high tops; no doubt purchased at Nordstroms Best.)

Amazing isn’t it; what you can create, drawing mostly from what you already have.

All I need now, is a little more light.

This is after all, a reading corner.

I think this turn of the century replica will do nicely!

I’ll show you the finished product once the light arrives.

Maybe you have room to create a cozy reading corner.

Reinvent what you have and redefine how you live.



Suzzallo Photos ~

University of Washington

Stools & Pillow ~

Paisley Cupboard  425 828-2648

Light Bulb Cover ~

Red Ticking

Light ~

Restoration Hardware