Succulents, Glass & Garden Envy

It’s the countdown to a new

season, with the Spring Vernal Equinox

mere month away. I Actually,

spied my first ladybug! A

sure sign.

So, in anticipation of spring, I

restyled our outdoor entry

table, swapping-out

urns. This one, is a bit more impressive, with

fluting and ‘handles.’

Love the notion, of an outdoor entry table…you? I just

think it says welcome. Ours is earthy, with a

hammered copper top that is beginning to

verdigris and a rustic metal base. It’s not actually an outdoor 

table per se...but I

hauled it out here anyway, where it’s

mostly undercover. I’m keeping

my fingers crossed.

 I tucked in some pretty


love the Easter inspired


love the

ruffles of green.

A little Spanish moss fills

the gaps and simple,

cylindrical glass vases, flank

the urn…I placed sweet

scented candles inside.

This one is Coconut & Macaroon!

It’s a multi-layered sensory


I wish the vases were larger but

I’m using what I have.

The succulent filled urn…is a welcome

 breath of spring.

Speaking of which…

I’ve been busy dreaming up a

NEW garden project, just in time for

the Vernal Equinox. This one involved tons

of gorgeous,

decorative gravel, new plantings

and French/Italian inspired garden pieces!

Our entry courtyard is getting

a makeover and I’m

trying to get it all done before

my little evening of cooking,

‘Souffles & Truffles’

at our house….

which is only a week away!

No pressure,

I blame it all on


I now have a bad case of garden

envy. Check out my, ‘In the

garden’ pins and see if you

can find the garden I’m lusting after!

I’ll be back with more

soon…In the meantime, I hope

you will follow my Pinterest pins,