String Lights

Image via Bing Images

I’m always looking to add a little

magical ambiance

to our summer outdoor gatherings.


String lights, are my ‘go to’ solution.

They’re easy, inexpensive

and they truly are magical…a single string, can add so much charm!

They’re practical too!

Our ‘outdoor kitchen’ corner desperately

needed some light.

It’s hard to barbecue in the dark!

Expensive lighting isn’t an option right now.

So, I put up one of those globe light strings…

(Love them!!)

I can’t believe the amount of light it throws!

Image via Bing Images

(Plus, my sister Carol had an extra strand! Free is good!! Thank you!)

All you need is power, an extension cord…

& in our situation…a’ pigtail.’

Now we can actually see what we are grilling

& the look, fits in perfectly with the unfitted

style of our outdoor kitchen space.

Can’t wait to show you!

Image via Bing Images

I hope you go digging through your holiday light boxes…

and create a little outdoor living ‘magic’ of your own!