With our pantry cabinet

nearly done,

our (somewhat neglected) old metal & glass

baker’s rack, needed a new home.

It found one,

in our dining room!

I put this old piece, straight to work.

I had so much fun dressing it up.

I stocked it, with glassware,

serving trays and utensils.

I tried to pull in a nice mix of materials.

A worn wood tray,

mingles with pretty silver pieces.

Cool baskets

hold essentials.

(Yes, another gray World Market basket!)

There’s a fancy footed tray &

a humble ticking tablecloth,

votives are ready to be lit

and the wire backing, serves as

a makeshift memory board.

Our old mirror, recently painted gray,

provides a nice backdrop.

And a loved collection

of velvet pumpkins,

typically tucked away until fall,

(Why deprive yourself…if it’s something you love???)

provide a rich pop of color.

Now our baker’s rack is practical and pretty.

Twinkling holiday lights

give it…

a dose of magic.

No longer neglected,

the old baker’s rack is

bathed in the light…

of reinvention.