Spring Garland

I don’t know about you,

but I am always looking for inspired ways to use leftovers.

In this case, the end of the fabric bolt.

Our kitchen mantel was looking a little bare, post Christmas,

in need of a pre-spring pick me up.

So, I came up with this…

A spring swag, if you will.

A no sew, fabric chain garland,

made from a linen remnant.

After all, nothing says spring

quite like linen.

Love a nice linen suit, pair of slacks,

why not a garland?

It was a cinch to make.

It’s patterned after the paper garlands we made as kids.

Only this one is fabric,

cut into strips,

then frayed and glued

into interlocking loveliness.

I think it’s quite handsome,

strung across our kitchen mantle.

Love the texture and the subtle color it adds.

Especially ,when I plucked a primrose from our pots

and tucked in a few springs

of rosemary, olive & bay

clipped from the garden.

But what I really love,

is that,

a last bit of fabric,

didn’t go to waste.


I wonder what other leftovers I have…