Baked in Parchment ~

Here’s a simple, yet beautiful & rustic  summer

supper idea.  I reserve this recipe for those nights

when I am short  on time…but long

to enjoy the end of the day.

I pick up a little fillet of sole from my

fishmonger, then wander out to our

our garden to see

what looks good…fresh

peas, beans and zucchini on

this trip, and a little tarragon & chives.

Next, I grab the baking parchment

and create simple cooking pouches.

 Just layer in the fish,

herbs and veggies. Next, drizzle

on, some good olive oil and sprinkle in 

lemon zest, salt & pepper and

pepper flakes. I like to add a splash of

white wine and Pernod.  Seal up the

pouches (two)….this is, dinner pour

deux. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees on

a parchment lined cookie sheet for

about 18 minutes.

(Cleanup is a breeze!) The pouches

emerge from the oven, golden

brown and the fish and veggies will be

beautifully steamed. I plate this dish,

pouch and all, pulling back the rustic

paper, to reveal the deliciously

moist meal. Pair the fish, with

a light, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, like this

great summer wine, from

Washington’s Chateau Ste

Michelle  and

well, the meal...rivals the

view.  For dessert, I picked up

a few amaretti cookies,

wrapped in beautiful paper.

(I make these at Christmas time

tucked into gorgeous paper, love!)

Dipped in a little

fine port, with a lovely

side of  sunset, this simple

summer supper, creates

an evening to remember. Cheers,