Busy Day Meals!

Just  got off the air #LiveOnKOMO!

  On KOMO Newsradio we’re  talking about simple summer suppers  ! We’re all

 busy right? Trying to do it ALL!  Here’s the link to one of my

quick & delicious  summer time suppers, sure to please.

Steamed Clams with Pancetta and Kale!




Yes, Kale!  {LOVE} I want a bumper sticker that says,

‘Eat More Kale’ 

This recipe employs more of my ‘tipsy’ cooking!  Hope you’ll check it out!

For more busy day  meal inspiration with a SIDE of super simple floral ideas…listen in on

the segment replay today at 10:17 am  #Seattle time on KOMO Newsradio with Larry Rice!


And have a wonderful Sunday!