Venetian Glass

A post, I prepared,

on ‘goings-on’ in our Butler’s Pantry,

(we are painting our new cabinet this week &

I have a little  ‘pantry pieces’ update to share with you!)

will have to wait!!!

I received a special delivery

from Italy this morning.

Our front door intercom buzzed,

and the voice at the door said,

‘I have a package, which requires a


I shrieked and nearly hugged

the poor FedEx guy

(I think I startled him!)

when I realized what it was.

Our  Venetian glass sconces,

for the Master bedroom have arrived!

It will take me a few hours,

to carefully unwrap all of the individual pieces.

I’m on pins and needles,

keeping my fingers crossed

that everything arrived safely!

I’ll be back tomorrow

with what I’ve unveiled.