Sweet Treat ~ 

Thought it would be festive  to turn our

holiday sideboard, into

a mini confections shop, of sorts.

I put the blame, squarely on the shoulders of

Clara, The Nutcracker &

The Sugarplum Fairy!

 There is something so

magical about, The Kingdom of Sweets, non?

AND, it’s simple to create a sweet holiday candy bar.

Just grab a tray,

a few fun, inexpensive…lidded glass

jars and fill them with

your favorite candy.

I chose, some holiday taffy,

old fashioned

peppermint sticks…

and holiday truffles


gorgeous  jewel tones. Love

the yummy colors!

I set small scoops and

tiny tongs nearby, with an

old style english toast rack left…

holding the bag(s).

Add a few

festive tags and I

promise, the kids  will love it and

the grownups will find it

hard to resist the 

sweet temptation.

Make it beautiful,