Olive & Bay ~

I’m obsessed  with pretty little bar  setups.

Especially,  the cart/tray variety and especially  during the holidays.

That’s probably why I turned our black, butler’s tray table,

which was a school auction item a few years back,

into a holiday mini bar.  (Is that wrong on some level?…oh well.)

It all started when I was clearing and rearranging things for the

holidays. That always gets the ideas flowing, It also 

prompts ‘The Mr.’  to say things like, 

“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” In a word…


Anyway,  back to the mini bar.  I started with a 

silver tray and mercury & glass candle holders. The candle holders make

pretty vases for festive olive and bay bouquets, 

clipped from our garden. If you haven’t noticed, I’m really big on

herb bouquets!

 No water necessary.

Just letting the bouquets dry and then adding fresh greens as needed.

Even our pewter decanter has a petite olive wreath.


bottle stoppers and

small shapely forks,

 made in Paris,


bits of color. The forks had me…at ‘Paris’. 

More touches of silver with a vintage shaker and tray

and this icy bowl, I picked up on sale

last Christmas. I love the sunny pop, of  lemon

yellow on my new mini bar.

I think I’ll make myself a lemon water,


Parisian Forks ~ Rosa Mundi Antiques