Baking Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner,

here are a few simple sweet morsels to consider.

One French,

one Mommy & Me

and one Petite.

Each ‘cake’ is topped with luscious frosting,

featuring a hint of rose water

and a whisper of pink hue.

Here’s to Valentine’s Day.

Cupcake No. 1 ~

For the Francophile in you life…

French ‘conversation’ cupcakes.

Lovin’ these ‘vintage’ French flash cards

on skewers,

with trailing vintage ribbon,

I picked up at a flea market.

One poses the question, ‘Quand’ …When?

and the other offers a rather coy reason,

‘parce que’…because.

A good answer, might be ‘maintenant’…now!

Cupcake No. 2 ~

When I spied these darling marshmallow hearts,

And these butterfly picks at Cost Plus World Market,

I thought…..

Heart & butterfly topped,

Mommy & Me ‘cakes.’

Big girl, little girl,


Cupcake No. 3 ~


and dressed with elegant little

silver & pink dragees.

On a pedestal

or under glass…


Valentine’s cakes three ways…

One of each?