Velvet pumpkins * Monica Hart


I’m currently obsessed with these plush  velvet pumpkins.

So, when I spied this gorgeous  window display, on the

way to dinner this weekend…it had me drooling  and experiencing a

serious case of velvet pumpkin envy!

Back at home…


 Fall table & Velvet Pumpkins * Monica Hart * Image - Stan Mc Meekin

 Image – Stan Mc Meekin


I’ve  amassed my own little collection of velvet pumpkins. Many are gifts. (Thank you Janice!)

Come autumn, I can’t wait to break these beauties out. I use them in fall tablescapes adding

bits of spanish moss. I tuck them here…


 Velvet Pumpkins * Monica Hart 

and there…




throughout our home for an easy  touch of fall.


Velvet Pumpins


Here’s what I love about these velvet lovelies:

They come in so many yummy  colors and hues.


Velvet Pumpkins * Monica Hart



Velvet Pumpkins * Monica Hart



I adore their real stems {genius}!


Velvet pumpkins * Monica Hart


I love that they last…


You can bring them out in September and enjoy them through 

November’s end. In my humble opinion, they even rival


velvet pumpkins * Monica Hart


the real thing. So, go velvet this fall.

They even come in leopard.


Velvet Pumpkin