Renewal ~

 We lightened up the

living room this weekend.

Our dark,

living room walls, went from

chocolate mocha, to

 ‘Oyster’ gray.

 A few coats of soothing gray paint, a new

layout and a little ‘shopping from home’ and we have a

sophisticated new look…

 just in time for the


(Love the moody shadows.)

Really feels like a


NEW room.

The yummy gray works wonderfully

with our warm silver

mill-work and

silver and crystal sconces.

 I did a bit of ‘borrowing’ from other


A long handled antique breadboard and

vintage French oyster basket now flank

the stone fireplace. Picked up some kindling

wood too and brought in,

an ‘antique’ mirror

table for two.

 I also, rearranged the


Which brings me to this

question. When it comes to

furniture layout….do you

flank, angle or ‘L’ it? In the past I was a big

‘flanker’ and an occasional,

 ‘angler.’ And now, I find myself loving the

‘L’ layout, which is odd because I’m not a big

fan of sectional sofas. But here I am,

placing the sofas at an ‘L.’ I still

angle a few pieces, here and there.

With the new color and layout, the living room is

softer and seems

more inviting.

The ‘Oyster’ walls, draw you in. It’s a

neutral color and I love the

way the undertones subtly shift,

with the



from a lovely

lavender to a

dusting of

soft pink. Not unlike, the inside of an

oyster shell, glistening in the

sunlight. The perfect backdrop for my

revamped holiday decorating. Can’t


 A gallon or so of paint, some rearranging and

‘shopping from home’…

sure goes a long way.


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