Going Gray

and loving it.

So, I switched out one of our teak benches

(still reinventing what we have)

which is a glossy caramel number

saddled up to our glass and metal

informal dining table,

for this…

gracefully aged

and naturally weathered,

gray version.

It sat outside for years.

It bided its time and

braved the elements,

until now.


I like the way the gray

plays off of the warm silver

accent on our black Kitchen island.

The warm brown bar stools;  paired with the cool gray,

works for me.

(Always loved the classic combo of camel & gray!)


But seriously, is there anything quite like

a naturally weathered wood patina?

so, naturally;

the ‘glossy’ twin of this bench now sits outside,


for mother nature to do her thing.

Next, auditioning pillows.

Reinvent what you have & redefine how you live.