Independence Day ~

With Our schedule packed with

 summer baseball games :)…

 I wasn’t  going to decorate for

the 4th  this year but then a

deliciously patriotic  package

came from my dear friend Janice  and 

well…how could I not?

It’s not  too late you know, to add

a few  little

flag-waving  touches. A little goes

a long way.

Thanks to Janice, the Summer bar is

now festively adorned…

especially love the little pennant!

I tucked a few of my

slimmest candles into

the coral…

Lit briefly, that ought to put on 

a nice little show.

An old medal, won at

‘The Goofy Games’

in Disney World

fits the color

scheme perfectly and

makes me smile.

I gave the adjoining kitchen

a small dose of

‘Old Glory’  too.

A cool garland and

a darling plaid tote,

turned bread

box…( Janice) is so cute!

(I know...lucky me, right!)

Our etagere is

subtly dressed

for the occasion and 

these spiky white ‘mums’

remind me

of  the brilliant explosion of

fireworks that

lights up the skies over the

lake house. 

Simple striped towels in a cool new

wire basket says ‘The 4th’ to me.

There’s even a ‘Union Jack’ or two

in the mix.

And on the back counter…. 

 another simple basket of

holiday goodies. Let the fun &


And with a few little patriotic pieces,

artfully arranged, I’m

set for the

4th,  and glad for it too.

It is after all…

America’s birthday!

Thank you Janice!!!