A Taste of the Exotic

This little cocktail is

like an exotic

tropical vacation in a glass…a

martini  glass, that is!  My

Jasmine Jewel Martini

is imbued  with the delicate, almost sugary  and

airy  taste of

old world  pearl

Jasmine…a warm  hint of

vanilla, a touch of lime and


 a ‘clovey’ Thai twist,

 thanks to a little


 Thai  basil…just plucked  from our

herb garden!

It’s a cinch to pull together.  First, make

a quick batch of  my  Jasmine Simple Syrup:

(C’mon…it’s easy!)

Combine 1 1/2 cups of

superfine sugar,  1/2  cup of  vanilla sugar…

(I make my own with my leftover

vanilla bean pods and a little superfine sugar…

waste not want not!)

and 2 cups of water, in small sauce pan. Toss in 20 or

so deliciously fragrant jasmine pearls. The delicate

Green tea leaves are hand rolled, using

an ancient method. I’m drawn to the 


Let the mixture simmer away for

7 to 8 minutes and watch the pearls majestically unfurl. Cool,

for another 5

minutes before straining and chill.

Once chilled, combine in a cocktail shaker:

* 3 ounces of good vodka,

* 2 ounces of  my Jasmine Simple Syrup

* The juice of half a lime plus a little zest  and…

* A few leaves of Thai  Basil

 Muddle away…

so that you bruise the basil leaves which

impart a slightly cloveyanise  taste to this

exotic drink.

Fill the shaker with ice

and do your thing. This recipe makes two  pretty

servings but you’ll have plenty of simple syrup

left over to make more. I like to

coat the rim with

fresh lime juice and a

 mixture of superfine sugar & zest.  For a little

mood  lighting….I carted out our new

 bronze-gold lanterns & potted Star Jasmine.

(Note: These flowers are NOT edible…decorative only!)

I really love the whole exotic  vibe here with 

this little Jewel  of  a Jasmine cocktail and the

decor. I’m definitely feeling that

tropical glow. Like the vacation postcard says,