A little Fish Story ~

I reeled in  this, while

trolling  for cool pieces to

dress up our outdoor kitchen. It’s

a child’s, vintage  fishing

creel. You know, those fun little

old-school  baskets that hold

bobbins, spools and an occasional 

fish. (Can you tell I don’t really fish? Sorry!)

Anyway, I love that it’s

child-size (so sweet)  and wonder if it

holds any big fish stories?

 I’m drawn to the rustic

closure and

 hardware.’  I’ve lined

the creel with fresh

 linens and filled it

with Mom’s

vintage  forks & knives and things.

I think it makes for a

creative cutlery holder…don’t you? It will be

fun in the fall…holding a few

creamy white sunflowers. 

Just another small piece for our

outdoor ‘kitchen.’  Been moving things

around and hope to

have it pulled together  soon.

It is after all, BBQ season.

Hope there is a nice barbecue 

planned for your

Father’s Day  weekend!