Personal plantings ~

Are you a sentimental gardener? Do you have

plants in your garden beds that tug at 

your heart strings? I do. Case in point…

this  little corner of

our garden with the salvaged  piece

of  a favorite old broken pot.

Right away, you know

something  is up  because of the

pink  blooms. I’m not  a

pink person per se and if

there is  a bloom  in our garden…it’s typically

either edible  or…

white! But these

pink  peonies are 

personal…they were my moms and I’ve

taken them with me on my gardening journey. 

They used to bloom near our

horse pasture at my childhood  home. I

 dug them up when my parents sold 

the house.  I’ve moved them twice  now, to

two  different homes! They  even

survived the  cacophony of

construction, as we were

building here. 

The pink peonies seem perfectly

happy, swaying in the breeze along the

water’s edge, don’t they? And they have

company  because

I’ve also  hung on to a 

pink rose bush that occupied this property

before we became the stewards of it.

(I know, it had to be pink, right?)

We never knew the original owners…it was

an estate sale but

 somehow, it didn’t feel right not  to 

leave something of  theirs…’hers’…

untouched.  Is that odd?  Well, that’s me, one 

sappy  Gardener, I guess. Let’s not get

carried away though….because

 I did not  spare the bright yellow sedum 

that made itself at home, near the dock.

Sorry, a girl has her limits.

This shade of


is much better!

 But I will  live,  contentedly … 

with the pink  in this little  sentimental

corner of  my gardening world.

I think I’ll bring my mom  a