Autumn Aperitif ~

Images ~ Stan McMeekin 

Woke up to rays of sunshine and the edge of fall!

Perfect timing, to share the menu, for my

Autumn Picnic  feast…with a twist!

It’s simple and  it’s delectable!

   Remember, the twist  is, we’re staying in!

I’ve turned our dining room into a 

sweet  picnic spot! 

 This picnic menu is perfectly portable too…

either way, it begins with a darlingspicy little number,

Old fashioned cider,

served in mason jars, with 

gray striped straws.

 The cider is seasoned with 

 fresh ginger, a few grinds of nutmeg and

a  cinnamon stick or two.

I let it all simmer away on the stove top

for  a few minutes…then strain, chill


serve…with a splash of bubbly! 

(I’m obsessed with these little bottles!!)

Simple, divine and  worldly, thanks to the

little French  flash card drink tags,

attached with a bit of string!

Love :)

They’re a great  conversation 

starter too…and sure to

‘joliment’   (adv. prettily)

adorn your Autumn picnic table.

More of my Autumn picnic menu to come,